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Folktale Friday

Enjoy these retellings of folktales from around the world by our children's staff!

Join us each Friday morning at 10 a.m. on our Facebook page where we'll post a video of our children's staff retelling a folktale from somewhere around the world.

Folktales are traditional stories that have been passed down orally for generations and perhaps centuries, long before they were ever written down. Because of this, there is no single correct version of most folktales, and many have lots of variations. Every country and culture around the world has its own folktales. These are some of our favorites, along with links to the printed versions we have at the library.

What is a Fable?

A fable is a special kind of folktale, and many that we know came from Aesop in ancient Greece.

Zomo the Rabbit

Zomo the Rabbit, a folktale from Nigeria in West Africa, retold by Mr. John

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