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Book Lists for Kids

Use these lists to help you find books and other items from our online catalog for your kids.

How do I begin to find books for my kids in the library catalog? These lists can help. Each will take you to our online catalog, displaying items at the Decatur Public Library. You can request any to be held for you at the library, or for curbside pick-up.

If you want to request a bunch of books or other resources on a particular theme or subject, check out our Teacher/Parent Resource Request Form. Or if you just want us to pick a bundle of picture books on a popular theme, check out our Book Bundle Request Form.

If you're looking for suggestions for e-books and digital audiobooks you can access from home, check out these lists.

Book, DVD, and Music CD Lists for Kids

Reading Resources

Books, DVDs, & CDs to assist adults in teaching kids to read or improve their reading skills