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Brunstetter, Wanda The Crow's Call
Carlson, Melody The Happy Camper
Coble, Colleen One Little Lie
Peterson, Tracie Secrets of My Heart
Box, C.J. Long Range
Childs, Laura Lavender Blue Murder
Erdrich, Louise The Night Watchman
Feehan, Christine Lethal Game
Leon, Donna Trace Elements
Penman, Sharon The Land Beyond the Sea
Steel, Danielle The Numbers Game
Gear, Kathleen O'Neal Cries from the Lost Island
Cussler, Clive Journey of the Pharaohs
Deveraux, Jude A Forgotten Murder
Margolin, Phillip A Reasonable Doubt
Bohjalian, Christopher The Red Lotus
Coben, Harlan The Boy from the Woods
Reichs, Kathy A Conspiracy of Bones
Ward, J.R. The Sinner
Woods, Stuart Hit List
Rollins, James The Last Odyssey
Patterson, James Texas Outlaw
Hannon, Irene Starfish Pier
Koontz, Dean R. Devoted
Monroe, Mary Across the Way
Graham, Heather The Final Deception
McMillan, Terry It's Not All Downhill from Here
Michaels, Fern Fearless
Howard, Linda After Sundown


Baldacci, David Walk the Wire
Carr, Robyn Sunrise on Half Moon Bay
Dickey, Eric Jerome The Business of Lovers
Grisham, John Camino Winds
Hooper, Kay Hidden Salem
Jones, Darynda A Bad Day for Sunshine
Kidd, Sue Monk The Book of Longings
McCall Smith, Alexander The Talented Mr. Varg
Paretsky, Sara Dead Land
Patterson, James & Holmes, Andrew Revenge
Perry, Anne One Fatal Flaw
Pronzini, Bill The Stolen Gold Affair
Sandford, John Masked Prey
Steel, Danielle The Wedding Dress
Tyler, Anne Redhead by the Side of the Road
Weber, Carl Influence: Death on the Beach
White. Kate Have You Seen Me?
Zahn, Timothy Queen


Andrews, Mary Kay Hello, Summer
Bova, Ben Uranus
Bradford, Barbara Taylor In the Lion's Den
Brown, Dale Eagle Station
Brown, Rita Mae Furmidable Foes
Burke, James Lee A Private Cathedral
Carlson, Melody Gathered Around the Campfire
Connelly, Michael Fair Warning
Cussler, Clive Wrath of Poseidon
Deaver, Jeffery The Goodbye Man
Delinsky, Barbara A Week at the Shore
Estleman, Loren Indigo: A Valention Mystery
Evanovich, Janet The Bounty
Fisher, Suzanne Woods On a Coastal Breeze
Godwin, Gail Old Lovegood Girls
Graham, Heather Seeing Darkness
Gray, Shelley Shepard The Trustworthy One
Haines, Carolyn The Devil's Bones
King, Stephen If It Bleeds
Lustbader, Eric Van The Nemesis Manifesto
Mallery, Susan The Friendship List
Michaels, Fern Truth and Justice
Monroe, Mary Alice On Ocean Boulevard
Morrison, Mary B. Careful What You Click For
Oke, Janette Unyielding Hope
Patterson, James & Paetro, Maxine 20th Victim
Quick, Amanda Close Up
Roberts, Nora Hideaway
Sawyer, Kim Vogel Unveiling the Past
Shaara, Jeff To Wake the Giant
Thayer, Nancy Girls of Summer
Trollope, Joanna Mum & Dad
Turow, Scott The Last Trial
Weiner, Jennifer Big Summer
Woods, Stuart Bombshell

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