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Andrews, Donna Murder Most Fowl
Bova, Ben Neptune
Brown, Sandra Blind Tiger
Brunstetter, Wanda The Walnut Creek Wish
Burke, James Lee Another Kind of Eden
Cook, Robin Viral
Coulter, Catherine Vortex
Dailey, Janet Whiplash
Fielding, Joy Cul-de-sac
Hamilton, Laurell K. A Terrible Fall of Angels
King, Stephen Billy Summers
Michaels, Fern 19 Yellow Moon Road
Muller, Marcia Ice and Stone
Oates, Joyce Carol Breathe
Patterson, James & Barker, J.D. The Noise
Penny, Louise The Madness of Crowds
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln Bloodless
Salvatore, R. A. Starlight Enclave
Steel, Danielle Complications
Weber, Carl The Education of Nevada Duncan
Woods, Stuart Class Act


Albert, Susan Wittig Hemlock
Andrews, Mary Kay The Santa Suit
Bannister, Jo China Roses
Brett, Simon An Untidy Death
Cabot, Meg No Words
Deveraux, Jude An Impossible Promise
Estleman, Loren D. Cutthroat Dogs
Flynn, Vince Enemy at the Gates
Graham, Heather The Unknown
Johansen, Iris High Stakes
Kellerman, Jonathan The Burning
Kirkpatrick, Jane The Healing of Natalie Curtis
Lewis, Beverly The Beginning
Mallery, Susan The Christmas Wedding Guest
Michaels, Fern Santa Cruise
Mills, DiAnn Trace of Doubt
Monroe, Mary Alice Once in a Lifetime
Patterson, James & Allen, Nancy The Jailhouse Lawyer
Perry, Anne A Darker Reality
Rankin, Ian & McIlvanney, William The Dark Remains
Robb, J.D. Forgotten in Death
Sparks, Nicholas The Wish


Andrews, Donna The Twelve Jays of Christmas
Andrews, V.C. Out of the Rain
Anthony, Piers A Tryst of Fate
Archer, Jeffery Over My Dead Body
Beaton, M.C. Down the Hatch
Bowen, Rhys God Rest Ye, Royal Gentlemen
Brooks, Terry Child of Light
Brown, Rita Mae Claws for Alarm
Card, Orson Scott The Last Shadow
Child, Lee Better Off Dead
Childs, Laura Twisted Tea Christmas
Connolly, John The Nameless Ones
Fisher, Suzanne Wood A Season on the Wind
French, Nicci The Unheard
Gray, Shelley Shepard A Christmas Courtship
Grisham, John The Judge's List
Hannon, Irene Labyrinth of Lies
Hoffman, Alice The Book of Magic
Kingsbury, Karen A Distant Shore
Kinsella, Sophie The Party Crasher
Le Carre, John Silverview
Lovesey, Peter Diamond & the Eye
Macomber, Debbie Dear Santa
McCall Smith, Alexander The Joy & Light Bus Company
McDermid, Val 1979
Modesitt, L.E. Isolate
Patterson, James & Fox, Candice 2 Sisters Detective Agency
Penny, Louise & Clinton, Hilary Rodham State of Terror
Peterson, Tracie Waiting on Love
Sawyer, Kim Vogel Freedom's Song
Steel, Danielle The Butler
Weber, David To End a Fire
Woods, Stuart Foul Play


Albom, Mitch The Stranger in the Lifeboat
Andrews, V.C. Out of the Rain
Baldacci, David Mercy
Balogh, Mary Someone Perfect
Bradford, Barbara Taylor A Man of Honor
Cameron, Stella The Playing Fields
Connelly, Michael The Dark Hours
Cornwell, Patricia Autopsy
Deaver, Jeffery The Midnight Lock
Erdrich, Louise The Sentence
Evanovich, Janet Game on: Tempting Twenty Eight
Evans, Richard Paul The Christmas Promise
Feehan, Christine Dark Tarot
Follett, Ken Never
Gabaldon, Diana Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia The Secrets of Ashmore Castle
Jecks, Michael The Moorland Murders
Lackey, Mercedes Reboots: Undead Can Dance
Lescroat, John T. The Missing Piece
Patterson, James Fear No Evil
Perry, Anne A Christmas Legacy
Perry, Thomas The Left-handed Twin
Picoult, Jodi Wish You Were Here
Poyer, David Arctic Sea
Roberts, Nora The Becoming
Steel, Danielle Flying Angels
Ward, J.R. The Wolf
Zahn, Timothy Lesser Evil

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