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Come and Play!

We have a variety of interactive play opportunities at the library!

Of COURSE we have books ... but you and your kids can also come to the library to PLAY together as well!

We have plenty of fun ways that kids and their grown-ups can engage in interactive play in the children's section. For example:

  • Puppets and the Penny Theatre puppet stage (put on your own show!)
  • The Block Center (what will you build?)
  • Train tracks and trains (create your own route!)
  • Doll house with dolls & furniture
  • Interactive bulletin boards
  • Toddler circle with wooden puzzles & plastic vehicles
  • Big floor puzzles
  • Table games -- chess, checkers, Othello, mancala
  • Coloring pages & crayons
  • and our BRAND NEW barn, tractor, trucks, firetruck, train, and school bus (thanks to our friends at BabyTALK!)

The rules? Probably like at your house: play quietly, share, and put the toys away when you're finished.

And after you put away the toys, stop by the Children's Desk for a sticker!

Check out these pictures of kids having fun at the Decatur Public Library.