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Child Care Resource Bags

Check out an entire bag of books and other resources for use with younger children.

Are you a preschool teacher, day care provider, or parent with younger kids? You can check out an entire BAG of carefully selected books and other resources geared to engage toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary children. They will learn to love books, and in the process pick up important preschool concepts like shapes, colors, numbers and more. You get the convenience of checking out ONE item with all these resources included!

Each bag is loosely organized around a theme and contains:

  • 20 books, including some for toddlers, some picture book stories and concept books, and one with ideas for the adult caregiver
  • 1 DVD of music or stories
  • 1 audio CD of music
  • 1 puzzle, toy, or other manipulative

Bags must be checked out and returned at the Children's Desk at the Decatur Public Library. They cannot be requested for delivery to other libraries or returned to other libraries. The whole bag is checked out as a unit, and the loan period is 28 days (4 weeks), just like books.

The available bags are (click title for the complete list of bag contents):

Funding for the Library Child Care Connection Grant was provided by the Illinois State Library, a division of the Office of the Secretary of State, using federal LSCA funding.