James Renshaw

  • Called Uncle Jimmy Renshaw by the people who knew him.
  • Born November 21, 1794 in Rowan, North Carolina.
  • Married Sarah Phipps on September 16, 1819, and had 8 children together.
  • Moved to Macon County in 1829, and on October 26, 1829, he acquired the first license to operate a tavern in Macon County. The tavern and store was located where the Lincoln Theatre is today. This tavern was possibly one of the first locations for the postal service in Decatur in 1830.
  • Bought the first saw mill in Macon County on Stevens Creek, and changed the name to Renshaw Mill.
  • Had an orchard at Main and Prairie Sts. where the Quigles building is now.
  • Owned 1000 acres of land, and laid out an addition on the northeast side of town.
  • Donated a lot for the First Methodist Church in 1834.
  • Was the Macon County Treasurer in 1837, but resigned.
  • Sat on the Board of Trustees in 1838.
  • Died on June 17, 1860 in Decatur.