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Library Use Guidelines

To aid all patrons of the Decatur Public Library in their use of library facilities, the Library Board of Trustees has published the following use guidelines.

Patrons Shall

  • Engage in activities associated with the use of a public library. Patrons not reading, studying, or using library materials may be required to leave the building.
  • Respect the rights of other patrons & staff. Patrons shall not harass or annoy others by behaving in a manner which can be reasonably expected to disturb others.
  • Turn cell phone ringers to silent or vibrate.

Patrons Shall Not

  • Bring food into the library, smoke, or use tobacco, tobacco products, or vapor devices. Drink containers with a secure lid are allowed except in the computer area. Drinks without a secure lid are not allowed in the library.
  • Sleep anywhere on library property.
  • Interfere with the use of the library by other patrons or interfere with library employees' performance of their duties.
  • Deface or mar library materials. Patrons shall not deface, mar, or in any way destroy or damage library furnishings, walls, machines, or other library property.
  • Enter the building without a shirt or shoes. Patrons must wear a covering of their upper body and shoes or other footwear. Patrons whose bodily hygiene is offensive so as to constitute a nuisance to other patrons may be required to leave the building. Underwear should not be visible.
  • Bring pets or animals into the library. (Other than authorized service animals.)
  • Leave children under the age of eight years unsupervised. Children under the age of eight years must be accompanied by a responsible adult or child over the age of 13.
  • Sell products or services or solicit for charitable organizations. Except the Library of Friends of the Library.
  • Carry firearms on library property.

Any patron not abiding by these or other rules and regulations of the library may be required to leave the library premises.

Any patron who violates these rules and regulations may be denied the privilege of access to the library.

Library employees may contact the Decatur Police if deemed advisable.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees
Reviewed 5/17/2018