Curbside Pickup - Holds

Can I pick up library materials that I have placed on HOLD?

Yes, Decatur Public Library offers Curbside Service for customers locations. Library staff has worked diligently to develop procedures for Curbside Service that follow social distancing protocols while effectively serving library customers.

How do I place a HOLD?

All holds will be placed via our online catalog at this time. No email or phone requests will be accepted yet. Please click here for details if you are unsure how to place a hold.

How do I know when my HOLD is ready?

Patrons will receive notification that their holds are ready. The notification will explain how to call the library's dedicated phone number and how to set up an appointment for pickup.

Will I lose my HOLD items if I do not pick up during the closure?

Items not picked up within the scheduled timeframe will be returned to hold shelves and staff will contact you to reschedule pickup. If items are not picked up during the 2nd scheduled timeframe the hold request will be cancelled.