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World Book for Kids

Access authoritative information for students of all ages.

If your student needs information for a homework project or is simply curious about a topic, the World Book Online Encyclopedia for Kids can give them authoritative information.

  • Content includes articles, images, video, audio, timelines, games and activities.
  • Sections for early elementary through high school.
  • Versions in Spanish, French, and Arabic.

To access World Book Online for Kids

  • Go to DPL's World Book Online log-in page.
  • Enter your DPL library card barcode number (without the spaces).
  • Select from any of the entry points on the home page to begin exploring!

Click on eBooks to browse and read World Book titles on a wide range of topics, including science, sports, history, biography and many more

If you create an account in one of research sites, you can save articles, notes, and clips to return to later.