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Louise Greene


Meet Louise

Born and raised in Decatur, I will always carry with me the vivid memory of ascending the marble staircase in the Carnegie Decatur Public Library on the corner of Main and Eldorado. As a child, visits were frequent. The books I took home could be found in the morning under my bedcovers along with a flashlight. I never planned on being a librarian but life offers interesting journeys and I agreed to go on that one. Away from Decatur for 35 years, I lived in Texas, Louisiana and Maryland and raised children while going to graduate school again. For the past 20 years I have been employed as a professional librarian conducting research, a cataloger of historical newspapers, and as a consultant for dozens of small rural public libraries in Illinois and Texas. I am currently the Director of Library Services at Richland Community College where I enjoy helping students succeed and learn something new every day.

I believe that information is a valuable commodity in whatever form it presents itself. The public library is a wellspring of information and knowledge organized by professionals ready to serve everyone. It is a crown jewel in our community that adds immeasurable value to our quality of life.