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Jessica Hill

Meet Jessica

Jessica is performing her University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Master of Social Work internship at Decatur Public Library this summer.

Jessica will be supervised by Professor Mary Garrison who had, in the last year, been providing some social work services to Decatur Public Library patrons in need of such services.

Jessica will be available for some one-on-one work with patrons in need of social work services, but that isn’t all she’ll be doing—or has been doing. She is also performing a great deal of research about social work in libraries, the need for such services in general, and the need for services specifically at Decatur Public Library. One of her goals will be to write a grant application that will help fund a social worker at the library on a permanent basis. In order to support this grant, she has developed a survey of needs that we will be distributing to Decatur Public Library users and the community at large. The survey is short. Please help support this endeavor by taking a few moments and completing the survey.