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Jeff Tish

Meet Jeff

I have always Loved being outdoors. My Dad took me on nature adventures starting at about age 2. Hiking, fishing, camping and hunting became regular weekend activities.
Dad taught me how to respect and enjoy nature at the same time. I really liked learning who was who....birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

My goal in life became finding a job where I could help others learn to Love nature and respect the outdoors at the same time.

After graduating from SIU with a Bachelor of Science Degree, I landed a job with the Macon County Conservation District in April 1976 as a Naturalist.

I was blessed to spend the next 41 years inspiring children and adults alike to fall in Love with nature.

Enjoying our natural world during all seasons of the year is still my passion. Sharing that knowledge and those experiences with others will always be my life's goal.

I am very excited to have this nature sharing opportunity with the Decatur Public Library and many of their incredible visitors.