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Local History Videos

Join us on tours of the DPL Local History Room

Remembering the Decatur Firestone Tire Plant

Gary Geisler explores Firestone and how it came to be in Decatur, the years of production, the close-knit community of the workers, and the difficulties that led to the closure of the plant. The Firestone Plant was a large part of the industry of Decatur for nearly 40 years and deserves an opportunity to be remembered.

Dennis School Ain't Going Nowhere!

Gary Geisler leads a digital discussion of the history, the stories and lore, and the changes that many of us have seen and experienced over the years at Dennis School. A school that was opened in 1910 and won't be closing anytime soon.

Edward Barnwell Photo

Glass positive of an Abraham Lincoln photograph taken by Edward Barnwell on May 9, 1860 in Decatur.