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Local History

Did you know we have our own local databases in Macon County? From checking out old high school yearbooks to finding pictures of friends and family, these databases are fun and educational.


  • Birth Records
    Search birth records from the Herald & Review by father or mother's first or last names.
  • Herald & Review
    Find articles on local news, issues, events, people, and much more from current and archived issues of the Herald & Review.
  • Local History Collection
    With thousands of searchable items available, it is easier than ever to find old photos of friends and family.
  • Obituary Records
    Find local obituaries from 1878 to the present from area newspaper sources.
  • Yearbooks
    Find digital versions of local yearbooks up to 1977.

Local History Room

In addition to our great online resources, you can also visit the Local History Room for more information.

A Patron Holding A Catalog Card From Local History


Stop into the Local History Room to check out all the great resources we have to offer!

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