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Erin Hunter Warriors series

Warriors series by Erin Hunter

Numbered series are in chronological order. Unnumbered series are stand-alone titles. Click the series title to see all the books in the series in the library catalog. Click individual titles to see them in the library catalog.

Warriors [The Prophecy Begins]

  1. Into the Wild
  2. Fire and Ice
  3. Forest of Secrets
  4. Rising Storm
  5. A Dangerous Path
  6. The Darkest Hour

Warriors: The New Prophecy

  1. Midnight
  2. Moonrise
  3. Dawn
  4. Starlight
  5. Twilight
  6. Sunset

Warriors: Power of Three

  1. The Sight
  2. Dark River
  3. Outcast
  4. Eclipse
  5. Long Shadows
  6. Sunrise

Warriors: Omen of the Stars

  1. The Fourth Apprentice
  2. Fading Echoes
  3. Night Whispers
  4. Sign of the Moon
  5. The Forgotten Warrior
  6. The Last Hope

Warriors: Dawn of the Clans

  1. The Sun Trail
  2. Thunder Rising
  3. The First Battle
  4. The Blazing Star
  5. A Forest Divided
  6. Path of Stars

Warriors: A Vision of Shadows

  1. The Apprentice’s Quest
  2. Thunder and Shadow
  3. Shattered Sky
  4. Darkest Night
  5. River of Fire
  6. The Raging Storm

Warriors: The Broken Code

  1. Lost Stars
  2. The Silent Thaw
  3. Veil of Shadows
  4. Darkness Within
  5. The Place of No Stars
  6. A Light in the Mist

Warriors Field Guide

Warriors: Super Edition

Warriors Graphic Novels (not all at DPL)

  1. Graystripe's Adventure
  2. The Lost Warrior
  3. Warrior's Refuge
  4. Warrior's Return
  5. The Rise of Scourge
  6. Tigerstar & Sasha: Into the Woods
  7. Tigerstar & Sasha: Escape from the Forest
  8. Tigerstar & Sasha: Return to the Clans
  9. Ravenpaw's Path: Shattered Peace
  10. Ravenpaw's Path: A Clan in Need
  11. Ravenpaw's Path: The Heart of a Warrior
  12. SkyClan and the Stranger: The Rescue
  13. SkyClan and the Stranger: Beyond the Code
  14. SkyClan and the Stranger: After the Flood
  15. A Shadow in RiverClan