Form test page

This page is just used to test the various fields in forms.

Before you try out this form, go to the form Test Fields Form. Click on the envelope atop the panel on the right side, and on a new line enter your staff email in the Admin Recipients box. Save the form. Now when you test and submit the form, you'll receive a copy of the Staff Notification email, so you can see what it's like.

This is an hmtl field, just for entering text. (I also used the bold tag.)
Fields marked with * are required.
Text field
Another text field
This is a 2 row textarea field. THIS line is "Instructions" for the field.
This is a 10-digit phone field. Just enter numbers -- formatting will be added.
This is a number field, requiring exactly 5 digits
This is number field requiring exactly 14 digits. Note that 2120200 is already there for DPL cards, but can be overwritten.
This an email field, tied to the "Patron notification test" email notification form.
This is a confirm field, with the email field above set as its target. If the two don't match, you'll get an error message (try it)
Date & time field, limited to just date.
Only one! A Select field, using a predefined list
Radio group field -- only one choice
Multiselect form -- you can pick more than one!
Checkbox group field -- select any or all.
Opinion scale field. Select one, and the submission returns a numeric value.
Rating field
File field, limited to 1 graphic or PDF file under 2 MB. File is attached to the staff notification email.
Checkbox field - check for yes, leave blank for no.