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A Catered Thanksgiving

Whipping up Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful for anyone, but that goes double for the Field family. Everything has to be perfect, or they risk getting cut out of dominating patriarch Monty's lucrative will. That's where sisters Bernie and Libby's catering company, A Little Taste of Heaven, comes in.

Classic Thanksgiving Stories

Get in the mood for Thanksgiving with these eight classic homespun tales of America's favorite holiday. Featuring stories by L.M. Montgomery, Nathaniel Hawthorne, O. Henry, Harriet Beecher Stowe, George Eliot, and Louisa May Alcott.

Cool Thanksgiving Dinner

Get cooking with an up-and-coming chef today! Check out the recipes of Cool Thanksgiving Dinner. It gives young readers fun new recipes and ideas to explore.

How to Cook Everything Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving cooking, simplified Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is a bit of a project-but a rewarding one-and with this inspiring collection of recipes from Mark Bittman, author of the award-winning How to Cook Everything series, anyone can be confident preparing the big meal.

Let's Talk Turkey

100 Delicious Holiday Recipes, Tips, and Ideas from America's Top Magazines

An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving

In Louisa May Alcott's An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving, the Basset family kitchen is full of the bustle of preparation for the Thanksgiving day dinner. When Mrs. Basset is called away to tend to her mother who has fallen sick, the oldest daughter, Tilly, determines to make the best of things and finish cooking the dinner. Though not an expert chef, it soon becomes clear that Tilly will have a full table of relatives to feed in this heartwarming story of the holidays.


One family. One table. One meal. 350 years. This dramatic, highly inventive novel presents the story of one family through many generations, as Thanksgiving dinner is prepared. The narrative moves swiftly and richly through time and changes as we experience the lives of the Morleys against the background of historical events.

Thanksgiving at the Inn

Ever since his mother left, life hasn't been easy for Heath Wellington, III. Between his father's (Junior's) bouts with alcoholism and literary rejection, and Heath's own wrongful suspension from school, there hasn't been all that much to be thankful for. But following the tragic death of estranged grandfather Senior, father and son alike stand to inherit a life-changing fortune...with one catch.

Thanksgiving in Cherry Hills

Kat Harper expects her biggest Thanksgiving challenge to be coming up with an edible tofu pumpkin pie, but that all changes when a woman is mugged outside her apartment building. Now it's up to Kat and her two cats to figure out who in Cherry Hills would commit such a crime right before the big holiday.

Thanksgiving by Janet Evanovich

When Megan Murphy discovered a floppy-eared rabbit gnawing on the hem of her skirt, she meant to give its careless owner a piece of her mind, but Dr. Patrick Hunter was too attractive to stay mad at for long. Soon the two are making Thanksgiving dinner for their families.

Words of Thanksgiving

From the exultations of the Psalms, to the humility of Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Day Address, from classic poems celebration the feast to heartfelt meditations on the nature of our place in the universe, this collection brings together a wide range of beloved texts, all designed to cultivate gratitude.