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Self-Improvement (Hoopla)


Gladwell uses a series of scientific case studies and entertaining anecdotes to take the reader on a tour behind the 'locked door' of their subconscious in order to better understand the reasoning behind their own snap decisions.

Feed Your Soul

Carly helps you reframe your thinking to, for example, see comfort foods as the numbing toxins they truly are and focus on long-term goals rather than immediate gratification. This no-nonsense guide will show you how feeding your soul can change your life, your health, and your body.

Find Your Way

Find Your Way is not about laying out a plan. It's about discovering a path and whether you have what it takes to travel that path. It's about envisioning the opportunities in front of you. Let Carly Fiorina, the first female CEO of a Fortune 50 company in America, be your guide through the twists and turns of finding your own unique path in life.

Getting Relationships Right

elationships are like bodies-they get sick when their immune system is weaker than the germs that challenge them. Joy explains how to strengthen your relational immune system against both interpersonal and societal stressors and cultivate relationships that are secure and connected, that reflect integrity and honor dignity.

How Can I Help?

At some point in our lives, many of us will witness someone we're close to experiencing anxiety, stress or anxiety-based depression. It can be challenging to see those you care about facing the challenges these conditions can cause, but there are ways that you can help.

Improving Your People Skills

Do you feel awkward in social situations where first impressions are so vital? Do you lack confidence and charisma in your daily communications that make you come off as aloof and unengaging? If so, you could be lacking some crucial people skills that are essential to your survival and success in this world.

Memory Craft

For anyone who needs to memorize a speech or a script, learn anatomy or a foreign language, or prepare for an exam, Memory Craft offers proven techniques and simple strategies for anyone who has trouble remembering names or dates, or for older people who want to keep their minds agile.

Ripple Effects

In Ripple Effects, Pam uncovers and explores the miraculous motivating power of influence we can have on this generation and the next, no matter where we are planted in life.

Think Like a Bartender

Recipes for Life mixes two parts wisdom with one part comedy for a delicious cerebral cocktail everyone will enjoy! Even if you've never consumed a drop of alcohol, you'll giggle your way through this personal yet lighthearted perspective on living your best life.

What Extraordinary People Know

What Extraordinary People Know guides you through how to be free of the mediocrity trap: starting with the inspiration, tools, and kick in the ass you need to get your life going in high gear-from behavioral change and personal growth expert Anthony Moore.

When Less Becomes More

Getting to more might require some outside-the-box changes, some unraveling of the patterns readers have adopted, some reworking of the day-to-day so that they can build a life based on their core values instead of slipping into a life dictated by society or what's "normal." Because we weren't made for normal. We were made for more-for a life of fullness, dreaming, and lasting joy.

Worthy Human

Worthy Human is a journey into your personal power that will help you discover a new way to live. You'll learn how to run you mind and access your power of choice to create a life you're madly in love with. By unconditionally loving and accepting yourself, you can embrace that you are both the problem and the solution, get out of your own way, and totally own every aspect of your life.