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Burnett Adams is an enigmatic billionaire with expert cyber-skills, a shady past, and a name harking back to the gold rush days. His wife, Lupe Santana is a hard-edged, cool-headed police sergeant with a passion for justice that burns as hot as her passion for Adams. But when an attempt to kill Adams fails, he wakes up with no memory of his former life. Not only is he on the run with his would-be assassin, he falls in love with her. Searching for Adams pushes Santana to the brink of losing the two things she treasures most, her husband and her job.

The 30 Day Rule

When four lifelong friends strike up a friendly bet to see who can go 30 days without sex, their lives take an unexpected and hilarious turn as each of them discover that this bet is not as easy as they thought. Terri Green takes us on a journey through her eyes as she watches her best-friends Derek, Barrett, and Tyson do everything in their power to win a bet that seems impossible once they get into the thick of it. In the end, friendship, love, sex, and loyalty come together in this hilarious romantic comedy like you have never seen before.

79 Parts

The year is 1979. Jack Anderson, a naive, clean-cut law student is feeling under pressure: Tuition is due and Jack doesn't have the cash. His classmate, fast talking Gino, a gambler, entices Jack to join him at the racetrack. Gino got a tip. The fix is in, and the pressure lifts as the tuition money appears at the counter after cashing in the winning ticket. But Gino's hungry for more action and has yet another plan for Jack's newly earned tuition money.

The Amazing/Terrifying Future of Medicine

This presentation explores some of the most exciting recent developments in medicine that promise to help us live longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives, ranging from novel reproductive technologies and cutting edge immunotherapies to the harvesting of big data and the implementation of new systems of information exchange. We will also address both the ethical challenges that arise when these technologies work as promised, and what safeguards, if any, exist for keeping these technologies away from those whose rogue actions could cause irreparable damage to us all.


Five years ago, Appleton sheriff John Ballister was gunned down after intercepting a million-dollar score belonging to Mitchell, a man who buys cops and is used to getting his way. Now, the late sheriff's daughter, Maddy, is caught in a web of deceit and crime, entangling family and foe alike, but she's going to make sure she doesn't go down without a fight. As word spreads that Mitchell is behind it all, Maddy decides to enforce her own brand of justice-regardless of the cost.

His Girl Friday

A newspaper editor uses every trick in the book to keep his ace reporter ex-wife from remarrying.

Love is Blind

This charming, one-of-a-kind romantic comedy is the story of one young woman and her improbable yet brilliant plan to win back the love of her life. After being dumped by her boyfriend Ben-who is completely blind-Allyson forms an unlikely partnership with her roommate's former drama instructor, the cantankerous Professor Gallagher, who will teach Allyson how to act so that she can win back Ben by pretending to be other women.

Secondhand Hearts

Ben, a photographer traveling in Japan meets another American, Emily. They travel the country together and fall quickly in love. Returning home to the US, Ben meets his girlfriend's family and discovers that Emily is his girlfriend's older sister.

The Secret of the Ice Flower

For years, the peas had been flocking to Granddad's circus to see the last Ice Flower, the one only Granddad knew how to reveal. When Granddad decides to share his secret with his grandchild Humbug, something goes horribly wrong: Humbug makes Granddad disappear together with the Ice Flower.

Sherlock: A Case of Evil

This made for cable movie focuses on the young 20-something Sherlock Holmes. As the movie opens, Sherlock is in pursuit of the evil Moriarty and apparently shoots him to death, but his body cannot be found as he falls in a sewer. Ah, but anyone who knows the Holmes mythos knows that Moriarty is not so easily killed.

A Stone in the Water

Two murders, separated by 35 years, send two very different women on a fatal collision course.

Unexplained Science: What Scientists Still Don't Understand

Scientists like to talk more about what they know than what they don't know-things they are sure about rather than the mysteries. Hundreds of years of discoveries and insights are good reasons for this. But it is the unknowns at the edge of science that drive some of the most exciting research being done today. We do not know if we are alone in the universe, what the nature of consciousness is, where life came from, or why you are made of protons and electrons.