City Librarian Community Message

(Updated October 30, 2020)

October 30, 2020

Message from City Librarian,

Rick Meyer

Dear Friends,

By now most of us are painfully aware of the local spike in COVID-19 infections and subsequent hospitalizations. Last night the Decatur Public Library Board of Trustees met in a special meeting to discuss what response Decatur Public Library should have to the current community situation. Closing the library to the public and going 100% curbside or digital was an option that the Board discussed. Instead, they chose to take measures that will allow the library to remain open, while decreasing the likelihood of furthering community spread of COVID-19.

As of Monday, November 2, 2020, the following measures will be taken:

  • All Decatur Public Library programs will move to virtual only
  • All meetings, including Boards, will be virtual only
  • Public Access Computers: time will be shortened to one hour. We will examine the possibility of further spacing between computers.
  • Curbside pickup: We will work toward expanding the days and hours this service will be available and to allow patrons to make curbside requests by telephone. We will continue to expect a 24-hour turnaround between the time a request is made and when the materials will be ready for pickup.
  • Seating: aside from the public access computers, all seating will be removed from the floor. We will be strongly encouraging the grab-and-go model of service, in other words, the library will discourage lingering in the building.
  • Local History will move to appointment only—please contact or call 421-9766 to schedule and appointment at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Requirement of masks and social distancing by patrons—the library had been engaging in soft enforcement of this requirement—we will move toward a zero-tolerance policy. We will work toward finding other ways to deliver services to patrons who are unwilling or unable to comply with this requirement.

Again, these measures are being implemented at the direction of the Decatur Public Library Board of Trustees, so that the library can remain open to the public as long as possible. If the public health situation worsens, or there are further restrictions directed by State or Local Authorities, Decatur Public Library will comply with said directives. As the public health situation improves, the library will loosen the restrictions. The goal is to continue to provide our community the highest level of access possible while taking every precaution to ensure the safety of the public and library staff.

Best regards,

Rick Meyer

City Librarian

Decatur Public Library

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