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September 2018, Madden Auditorium

September 19
Flower (2017) R

In Flower, Zoey Deutch plays an eclectic teen who blackmails predatory men, but finds herself using her seduction skills in a more charitable fashion when new step brother reveals a dark secret from his past. But things aren’t always as they seem and everyone involved is taken down in a spiral of chaos and unexpected turns. This is a colorful, dark comedy that boasts a remarkable cast and a wicked sense of humor, as well as an interesting and unpredictable narrative. Flower is rated R for crude sexual content, some graphic drawings, drug use, and an incident of violence.

September 22
RBG (2018) PG

The exceptional life and career of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has developed a breathtaking legal legacy while becoming an unexpected pop culture icon.

September 24
The Virgin Spring (1960) NR

Based on a 13th century Swedish ballad, The Virgin Spring is a dark, powerful experience from cinematic legend Ingmar Bergman. The movie follows a father who tries to cope with the rape and murder of his daughter, but it never feels like exploitation, thanks to a grace and emotional exploration that drives the movie. This is our first Bergman film to be in the program, so we are excited to share the work of this film master, starting with this haunting, unforgettable picture. The movie is not rated, but deals with sensitive and mature subject matter including rape and murder.

September 26
Modern Times  (1936) G

This was Charlie Chaplin’s final traditional silent film and is a true comic masterpiece, with imaginative set pieces, a lot of heart, and wonderful lead performances from Chaplin and Paulette Godard. The movie follows Chaplin as he tries to keep up with the ever changing modern lifestyle, from automated factories to a mental institution to political elements and beyond. This is one of the greatest comedies ever made and features some incredible visual design elements as well. The movie is rated G.

September 27
Breaking In  (2018) PG-13

Gabrielle Union stars as a woman who returns to her estranged father’s home in the wake of his death, intending to prepare the house for sale, only to run into violent criminals looking to loot the home’s safe. The men take her children, but she is able to escape and with no help in sight, decides to take on the criminals herself and ensure the safety of her family. This thriller has a great lead in Union, who goes all out as a mom on a mission and features some fun, wild action set pieces. A good pace, polished visuals, and Billy Boyd makes a competent villain. This is a special Thursday movie, so don’t miss your chance to see Breaking In with us, rated PG-13 for violence, menace, sexual references, bloody images, and brief strong violence.

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