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Last Name FatherFirst Name FatherDate of BirthLast Name MotherFirst Name MotherBaby Last NameBaby First NameSexCityHospital
LingafelterWayne5/18/1998 DebraLingafelterAlyssa DanilleF St. Mary's Hospital
JohnsonDouglas11/4/1999 Jill  MArgentaCarle Foundation Hospital
KoningBrian5/16/1998 MelissaKoningMax AllenM St. Mary's Hospital
RentfroJason12/24/1999 Tena  FStewardsonSarah Bush Lincoln
KoontzDelbert3/18/1998 ShannanKoontzMathew LewisM St. Mary's Hospital
KuntzmanChris3/22/1998 KarenKuntzmanKyle GrahamM St. Mary's Hospital
LayKeith4/24/1998 EmilyLayBryce LeeM St. Mary's Hospital
LeesMichael3/12/1998 KathyLeesPeyton MichaelM St. Mary's Hospital
LewisWilliam3/18/1998 SandraLewisBrandon KeithM St. Mary's Hospital
ReelJohn8/11/1999 Cathy  FStrasburgSt. Anthony's
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