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Last Name FatherFirst Name FatherDate of BirthLast Name MotherFirst Name MotherBaby Last NameBaby First NameSexCityHospital
DuceyJacob3/28/1998 AmandaDuceyKyler RobertM St. Mary's Hospital
GallowayGalen3/25/1998 MicheleGallowayJennifer AnnF St. Mary's Hospital
FreimuthEthan3/7/1998 PattiFreimuthSierra MichelleF St. Mary's Hospital
FowlerKeith5/20/1998 ChizuitaFowlerDestinee DawnF St. Mary's Hospital
FoutsMichael4/21/1998 CorrinaFoutsSkylar MarieF St. Mary's Hospital
ForrestGlenn4/9/1998 JennieForrestErika JoyceF St. Mary's Hospital
FitzgeraldDavid3/18/1998 CynthiafitzgeraldZachary DavidM St. Mary's Hospital
Conoboy-AgriestiTerence3/9/1998 GlendaConoboy-AgriestiSara Renae  St. Mary's Hospital
FenderTroy9/24/1999 Arnita  FLouisvilleSarah Bush Lincoln
GregoryWilliam5/19/1998 AnnGregoryCaleb NathanielM St. Mary's Hospital
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