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Who can get a Decatur Public Library card?
Residents of the city of Decatur are eligible for a free library card. Please note not all Decatur addresses are within the city limits and the library taxes from these addresses are being paid to the surrounding area libraries. Free library cards can be obtained from those libraries and the cards used at the Decatur Public Library.

Non-residents can purchase a library card by paying a non-refundable annual fee of $85.12.

Children whose parents or legal guardians are residents of the city of Decatur or who have purchased a non-resident card are also eligible for a free Decatur Public Library card. There is no age restriction. The parent or legal guardian must sign the child’s registration stating he or she is responsible for all items borrowed on the child’s card and show proof of residency.

What do I need to get a library card?
When you register for a library card you will need to verify your name and address by presenting a valid state ID or driver’s license with your correct and current address. If you do not have a valid ID card from the state of Illinois we will need one item from the picture ID list and one item from the address verification list.

Picture ID List
Passport U.S.
Out of state driver’s license

Address Verification List
2 pieces of mail postmarked within 30 days
Utility bill
Imprinted bank checks
Rent receipt paid within 30 days
Public Aid Medical Card
Voter Registration Card
Deed or title for property in the city of Decatur, IL

The Decatur Public Library will keep confidential all records relating to your card registration and the materials you borrow.

Using your library card
You will held responsible for all items borrowed on your library card. If your card is lost or stolen, contact the library at 424-2900, x128 immediately so your account can be stopped.

Decatur Public Library cards do not expire, however there is an address check every 3 years. If a cardholder moves from the Decatur Public Library service area, the card will be cancelled. Cards that are unused for more than three years will be cancelled. If a patron card has been removed from the system, the patron must go through the application process again, in order to have library privileges reinstated.

You may also use your Decatur Public Library card at any library in the Illinois Heartland Library System.

Get an e-Card
Decatur, Il. residents who do not have a Decatur Public Library card and would like access to only the eBook collection may apply for an eCard. The card will give you access to the Library’s e-resources collections for 1 year.

After registering for an eCard and you will receive a library barcode and PIN by email to begin accessing the eBook collection.
Please note that in order for your application to be successfully completed, your address must be verified. In 1-5 days you will receive a followup postcard to verify your address.If the postcard is returned to us for any reason the card will be suspended.

To register for an e-card click here.
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