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Summer Reading Program 2013
HAVE BOOK-WILL TRAVEL! has finally come to an end. By the end of August, 1353 young readers and listeners were participating. Also, by the end of August, 547 kids had completed all six reading goals, chose a book and have their names hanging in the windows of the Children’s Department! To the left we have a picture of our 1000th and 1001st participants. To the right we have picture of our 300th and 301st finishers. Follow the Have Book Will Travel link for more pictures from the summer!

READiculous has been invited to perform for the Macon County Reading Council at their October meeting! And it will be OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. The program is scheduled for Thursday, October 3 at 4:15pm in the Decatur Public Library’s Children’s Department Auditorium. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see what all of the buzz is about, and if your children haven’t had the opportunity to see READiculous in their school, this is your chance to GET YOUR READ ON!!

READiculous brings the library to your school and makes books come alive. We’ll read and act out a READiculous amount books, showing kids how READiculously fun reading books aloud and together can be! READiculous encourages kids to grab their grownup and visit the library, as well as get a library card of their own. We present a 45 minute program geared toward K through 6th graders. And here is something else that is READiculous! Our program is absolutely FREE to Decatur schools! Schedule a READiculous visit by calling (217) 424-2900 ext. 5 or emailing Not a Decatur school, library or group? You can contact us at for availability. Like us on Facebook and you can see pictures, watch videos and read news articles! Now you can find even more videos on YouTube!

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Children’s Staff Blogging About Books
Two DPL Children’s staff members have their own children’s book blogs where you can get information about what’s new and good for your kids at the library.

Mr. John’s blog, Books for Boys, covers everything from picture books to chapter books and non-fiction that will appeal to boys, even those who are beginning or reluctant readers.

Dragons Lite: Shorter Dragon Stories - Though his mother doesn’t like it, Elmer Elevator befriends a stray alley cat, brings him home, and sneaks him saucers of milk.  In appreciation, the cat tells him of a far-off place he visited in younger days called Wild Island.  It’s populated by wild animals, and they have enslaved a poor baby dragon, tying him up and forcing him to ferry them back and forth across the river that divides the island. more…

Ms. Alissa’s blog, Will Follow White Rabbits, shares ALL of the chapter books she reads, and she reads A LOT! If it is a Newbery, Coretta Scott King or Caudill book, she can tell you about it.

2014 Caudill Nominee: Boys Without Names - Gopal is the oldest son of an onion farmer in rural India. A young son might think that one year’s bumper crop would guarantee next year’s planting. The laws of supply and demand will prove him wrong. Gopal’s family never had much money to begin with, but now the small family is not only impoverished, but also deeply in debt to the money lenders. Baba, father, decides that the family must move to the big city, Mumbai, to live with an uncle while working towards a better future. What is more, the family must sneak out of their rural village without saying goodbye to friends in order to escape the punishment of the money lenders. more…

Magazine of the Month – Horse & Rider!
With training secrets and lessons from world-class horsemen, Horse & Rider gives you an insider’s look at the exciting world of western horseback riding. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, Horse & Rider provides you with essential exercises that will enhance your riding skills and get you ready for events and competitions. Each issue is filled with bright photographs and detailed, easy-to-follow training instructions and tips. The magazine’s action-packed stories and inspirational profiles of other riders will spark your interest and get you motivated to ride and hone your abilities.  No matter your level of involvement in the riding world, Horse & Rider stands as one of the world’s best resources for information on western horse breeding, training and grooming. Even the most experienced horse riders are sure to learn something new and valuable with each issue of Horse & Rider.

You can check out up to five magazines for 28 days with your library card.