ANNEX Demolition

Demolition for the Decatur Public Library Annex
(the empty building in the parking lot)
is scheduled for the month of October.

  • During that time the area around the Annex will be fenced in for the safety of the public and staff.
  • The fencing is scheduled to be installed on Tuesday, October 16.
  • Parking in the library parking lot will be limited to the easternmost sections of the parking lot, with the exception of designated handicapped spaces.
  • Entrance to library parking lot will be restricted to Prairie Street entrance only.
  • Additional parking will be available along Main Street and in the Main Street Parking Garage.
  • The project could last as much as two months.

We will regularly update the public to the exact times of the demolition, parking adjustments to be made and future design plans for the area after the demolition, as we go forward.

If you desire more information on how this will temporarily affect your library experience, feel free to contact us at 217-424-2900.

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